Passat production reached 15 million mark

The number of Volkswagen Passats produced at plants around the world has reached an important milestone.

Some 15 million of the vehicles have been manufactured over the last 34 years, with the company commenting that 5.9 million came from Emden.

The Passat originally came onto the market in 1973 and is known by a variety of other names around Europe.

These include the Dasher, Santana, Quantum, Magotan and Corsar, while in some markets it has been badged as the Ford Royale or Galaxy.

Professor Dr Jochem Heizmann stated that this represented "a fantastic achievement which everyone at the Emden plant can take pride in together with all the other members of the Passat family at plants throughout the world".

This comes as the company is preparing to release the Passat Variant BlueMotion 1.9 TDI, which comes with 105 hp in order to give drivers a powerful drive.


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