Volkswagen gears up for new launch

A "revolutionary" new Volkswagen gearbox is set to become available on the market in 2008.

The DSG twin-clutch gearbox will feature seven gears and will be mounted diagonally.

The car maker notes that it will also adopt a pair of dry clutches, which will save "considerable" weight and improve compactness and efficiency of the system.

Compared to the six-speed manual gearbox in the Golf hatchback, the new version will save ten grams of CO2 per kilometre.

Volkswagen said: "With the addition of an extra ratio the new gearbox allows the seven-speed DSG system to deliver the seemingly contradictory virtues of greater performance combined with greater economy."

February will see the UK debut of the new gearbox and orders can already be placed at one of the 260 Volkswagen retailers across the country.

Volkswagen is one of the largest importers of vehicles in the UK, according to the car maker’s website.


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