German supergroup forms for battery development

Volkswagen is part of a new team of German corporations looking to develop the next generation of high-performance batteries.

The automobile manufacturer has joined forces with BASF, Bosch, Evonik Degussam Li-Tec and STEAG Saar Energie in order to accelerate the production of sustainable power sources.

Close to 360 million euros (£259.3 million) will be invested by the firms over the next few years, with the Federal Ministry for Education and Research putting in an additional 60 million euros.

According to Dr Juergen Leohold, Volkswagen head of group research, this is "an important step" towards the production of zero-emission vehicles.

"In the future, there will be parallel use of various automotive drive systems, all the way to purely electric drive. A high-performance lithium-ion battery as the energy carrier will be a key technology," he said.

Meanwhile, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association has commented that it intends to reduce truck emissions to "the most ambitious level possible".


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