Sunshine Tour to mark millionth new Beetle

The millionth new Volkswagen Beetle will roll off the production line this summer and to mark the occasion, owners from all over Europe will meet on the Beetle Sunshine Tour.

A parade will take place along the Baltic coast, starting in Lubeck, Germany on July 14th.

It will eventually finish with a party at the Gromitz promenade, with a number of custom cars with special paint finishes expected to be involved along with new Beetles and Beetle Cabriolets.

The tour is being organised for the fourth time by Beetle owner Gabriele Kraft, who has already received entry forms from all over Europe and is confident there will be more than 250 cars meeting at Gromitz beach for the first time.

"This meeting is not just about beautiful cars, but about the people that love the new Beetle," Ms Kraft said.

Any owners of a new Beetle who are interested in getting involved in the tour can register their interest for free on the Sunshine Tour website.


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