New Corsa ‘lowers emissions and costs’

Vauxhall has announced that the engine in its new Corsa CDTi model will save hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions as well as thousands of pounds in collective tax payments for drivers.

The 1.3-litre CDTi engine cuts emissions from 124g/km to 119g/km, which Vauxhall says will have "great consequences" for owners, who will see their annual tax cost fall from £115 to £35.

Furthermore, the new models are also expected to be exempt from the London congestion charge, if proposals for 2008 are approved.

This engine unit is the latest innovation that Vauxhall has made in recent times, with new high-efficiency powerplants recently introduced to improve the CO2 outputs of the popular Astra and Vectra models.

"General Motors is investing heavily in alternative fuel strategies for the medium and long term. Today, we are making reductions in CO2 emissions wherever possible on our most popular model lines," said Bill Parfitt, Vauxhall’s managing director.

"This has a dramatic effect when considering the scale of our sales operations and also has an important benefit of saving our customers money."


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