Vauxhall Astra ideal for city driving

A first-time car buyer looking for a vehicle that will be ideal for city driving, while also being comfortably able to deal with the occasional cross country trip, has been told to consider a used Vauxhall Astra.

Writing for the Independent, James Ruppert highlights that the Astra gives the driver space and comfort and can be obtained at a cheap price.

He reveals that the previous generation Vauxhall Astra can be picked up for around £2,000 and will offer her enough space to store shopping, pick up friends and fit in "bulky luggage".

Furthermore, he states that although the vehicle is predominantly to be used for city driving, this does not mean that a small car needs to be bought.

With parking spaces being of a certain size, Mr Ruppert concludes that a small family car is a good compromise because "you may as well be comfortable in a bigger car if you are going to be in a traffic jam anyway".

A "supple ride and composed handling" is offered by the Astra Hatchback, according to a review of the vehicle by What Car?.


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