Toyota unveils hybrid concept

The Hybrid X, a four-door, four-seat open-space, is alleged to possess a new design concept for such eco-friendly vehicles while also being suitable for family usage.

Possessing an overall length of 4.5 metres and a wheelbase of 2.8 metres, the Hybrid X enjoys the dimensions of a typical family car.

The interior designer of the vehicle, Laurent Bouzige, also heralded the "multi-sensory experience" afforded by the vehicle.

"There is a formal style in the shape of the vehicle and the material used but every other reaction is linked to the passengers’ senses of sound, smell, sight and touch through interactive ambience," he said.

The Hybrid X allows drivers to control the ambience within the car, with perfume diffusers being able to change the aroma within the vehicle at the touch of a button.

LED lighting systems also enable the driver to create a completely different ambience within the car.


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