Toyota to premier iQ

Toyota has announced plans to unveil its production-ready iQ at the Geneva Motor Show.

The car maker is keen to create a generation of new small cars and the iQ is leading the charge.

The iQ made its first appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany last year as a concept car, but it is now ready to hit the forecourts.

It is just three metres long, but the iQ can, according to Toyota, carry three people comfortably along with a child or carry luggage.

"The ingenious design was created by bringing together six linked, space-saving engineering innovations that mark a revolution in Toyota’s vehicle development," the company said.

"iQ is rich in Japanese design elements and signals a radical shift away from the belief that small cars, although kinder to the environment, are inherently basic and less safe."

The Geneva Motor Show takes place between March 4th and 16th.


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