Toyota shows off its iQ

The new Toyota iQ concept vehicle has been unveiled at the Frankfurt International Motor Show.

According to the Japanese manufacturer, the model marks a charge in the design of a small car by being compact yet spacious.

Exceptional space efficiency is also one of the car’s big pluses, the firm stating that the iQ fuses lifestyle needs with environmental conscientiousness.

Manager of Toyota’s European design studio Wahei Hirai commented that the vehicle has been designed with modern life in mind.

"In an urban environment, people want to express themselves through dynamic and on-the-edge design, but at the same time rational factors such as size, functionality and CO2 emissions cannot be ignored," he said.

Meanwhile, sales of Toyota vehicles in Europe are to grow between five and ten per cent in 2009, the company told Reuters.

Thierry Dombreval, chief operating officer of the firm, stated that he does not foresee a slowdown in momentum.


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