Motorists ‘missing an opportunity’ with green cars

Many British drivers are missing a chance to save money on road tax, with only two per cent of motorists planning to make their next purchase an environmentally friendly hybrid car such as the Toyota Prius, according to Alliance & Leicester.

Hybrid cars offer the possibility of cleaner driving through their combination of a traditional petrol engine with an electric motor.

Toyota claims that its Prius is capable of emitting up to one tonne less carbon dioxide every year than a conventional petrol car.

Chancellor Gordon Brown is expected to unveil a ‘green’ Budget next month, with higher taxes on ‘gas-guzzling’ vehicles, yet only three per cent of drivers plan to choose their next car on the basis of its green credentials.

Richard Al-Dabbagh of Alliance & Leicester commented: "Despite all the newspaper headlines telling us that global warming is about to reach crisis point and speculation that environmentally unfriendly cars will bear the brunt of imminent tax hikes, people are still shunning the most environmentally friendly cars."

Just under a quarter of the people surveyed said they will base their next car purchase on reliability and three per cent said that their next vehicle will be a 4×4.


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