Big campaign to introduce new Toyota Auris

Toyota is to pursue a big publicity campaign for its new Auris, with promotional concept stores being installed at shopping centres across the country.

Eight stores have been established at shopping centres in Kent, Plymouth, Southampton, Dudley, Manchester, Sheffield, Gateshead and Glasgow.

They will be fully open from January 16th and will feature built-in plasma displays and live interactive screens, enabling customers to request more information on the new Auris.

A 3-D movie will be on display, taking observers on an explorative journey of the car, as well as high-tech information pods, an innovative shape game and a heat wall installation, against which visitors can leave their own impression.

Mark Hall, Toyota’s UK marketing director, said: “Toyota believes in making it easy and enjoyable to experience our models and this activity for the new Auris is our most imaginative, experimental marketing development yet.

“We find that visitors to the top shopping centres have time to engage in a dialogue with Toyota, but want to be able to do this on their own terms…It’s great to be able to take on the ultimate challenge of designing a real concept store where they can do all this in comfort and style.”

The campaign will run until February 1st, when the Auris goes on sale in the UK.


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