Suzuki drivers to be offered ‘ultimate in-car entertainment accessory’

Suzuki GB has announced that it is add the new state-of-the art Clarion multimedia unit to its accessories range.

The range is now available exclusively for the Grand Vitara, Swift, Swift Sport, and SX4 models.

The system boasts a seven-inch colour touch screen and built-in 40GB hard drive, and sits snugly within the centre console of the car, courtesy of the bespoke installation kit which has been developed with each of the vehicle models in mind.

Owners of the unit will be able to choose from the numerous features at the touch, click or push of a finger.

These features will include 24 pre-selected radio stations, satellite navigation with hi-tech route calculation and hands-free mobile phone operation thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

Listening to your favourite albums on CD or DVD will also be easy as the Clarion device can connect directly to iPods and let you pick songs, playlists, and artists using the touch screen and audio steering controls.

The new accessory is sure to make the job of used Suzuki car dealers even easier.

Written by Bobby Minter


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