New Subaru Impreza rolls out

The brand new Subaru Impreza is an "icon reborn", according to its manufacturers.

Available in a number of different engine sizes, the car now sports a five-door body and all-wheel drive, with prices starting from £12,495 on the road.

According to the company, these features offer safety and handling benefits along with improved practicality. This car will be available from September.

In addition, new engine technology will see higher performance but also better fuel economy, although a turbocharged option will become available next year for those who prefer a bigger kick.

The firm said: "Subaru’s aim is to compete more directly in the European market with rivals such as the Honda Civic, VW Golf and Mazda 3 while offering the added safety and traction advantage of symmetrical all-wheel drive."

In racing, the Subaru Impreza team are currently leading the Osram Rally, driven by Visser du Plessis, Superwheels reports.


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