Skodas ‘best value in last ten years’

People get more value out of Skoda today than they would if they had picked one up ten years ago, the automobile manufacturer has commented.

According to the company, a motorist can buy a 1.2-litre entry-level Fabia Estate in 2007 for £9,360 – cheaper than the £10,300 they would have paid for a base-level Felicia Estate in 1997.

Skoda claims that the estate has "class-leading" storage space, which drivers can take advantage of when the vehicle goes on sales on February 7th.

Chris Craft, head of Skoda UK, commented that fans of the brand can get more for their money today than they could in the past.

He said: "This just goes to show that our cars represent even better value for money today than they did ten years ago."

Skoda is the number one automobile manufacturer in the Czech Republic and was founded as Laurin & Klement in 1895.


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