Skoda sales increase rapidly

Skoda is celebrating an almost 20 per cent rise in sales over 2007
figures, and is especially pleased with sales in Germany, Russia,
Ukraine and Romania.

This trend appears to be repeated across all models and options.

Skoda’s success is partly due to the low CO2 emissions its cars
produce. Robert Hazelwood, Skoda’s brand director, comments: "The
cleaner and greener Fabias not only make financial sense in view of
changing legislation but also appeal to the environmentally minded buyer
on a tight budget.

"The new (UK) budget is an indication of things to come and with the
European Commission set to introduce even stricter emissions rules in
the near future, we are already manufacturing cars that meet these

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) cites the Skoda
Roomster 1.4TDI as the lowest emitting MPV in UK, producing just


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