Celebrity chooses a new Seat

Singer and actor Duncan James has announced his new choice of car and rather than choose a Ferrari or a Porsche he has decided to take advantage of the new Seat Leon Cupra.

Mr James, who shot to fame in the UK boy band Blue, said he chose the Seat after taking a test drive and thinking it was "fantastic".

In addition, he was drawn to it because of the amount of power it has for a hatchback.

"When you do put your foot down you certainly know you’re in a high-performance car," he continued. "I love it!"

Clocking in with a top speed of 153 mph and able to accelerate from zero to 62 mph in 6.4 seconds, the two-litre Seat Leon Cupra could be a good idea for younger drivers who are looking for both style and convenience.

The original Seat Leon hit the market in 1999.


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