Brands Hatch braced for Seat’s two diesel-engined Leons

The 50th anniversary HiQ MSA British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) at
Brands Hatch on March 30th will be a first – as Seat race two
diesel-engined Leons.

Since joining the BTCC in 2004, Seat Sport UK has contested 120 races,
winning 33, recording 83 podiums and scoring 2,245 manufacturers’

Driver Jason Plato said: "The early signs show that the
Leon TDI has huge potential, and I’m looking forward to the challenge of
finding out what makes it tick.

"The turbocharged TDI has plenty of torque and there is a lot more
weight over the front axle, so set-up is different and I’ve had to
change my driving style."

Driver Darren Turner commented: "You really have to change your
driving technique – for instance, you have to be very smooth and drive
it just under the limit, because if you hit the power too hard the turbo
and torque makes it understeer and you have to back off; and once you’ve
eased off and come back on the throttle you’ve lost all momentum."

For those who can not get to Brands Hatch in person, full coverage of
the BTCC racing can be viewed on digital TV channel ITV4, and then
shortened highlights will be on the "men and motors" channel.


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