Turbo X from Saab hits road

Saab is to release the Turbo X in order to commemorate 30 years of the company turbocharging its engines.

It has been almost exactly three decades since the manufacturer unveiled its 900 Turbo design at the 1977 Frankfurt International Motor Show.

The company has stated that it will go "back to the future" to evoke the experience.

From the second quarter of 2008 consumers will be able to order the vehicle from Saab dealerships – but in a limited capacity.

"Now Saab unleashes turbo power for the first time through Saab XWD, a cutting edge all-wheel drive system that sets performance standards competitors will also seek to emulate," Saab stated.

Saab is a Swedish company which was founded in Trollhattan in 1937.

The name is an acronym for Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget, which translates to Swedish Aeroplane Limited, as the firm was originally involved in aerospace.


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