Rover production to restart at Longbridge

Two years after it produced its final car, the Longbridge plant in the West Midlands is to begin construction of MG Rover models once again.

Nanjing Automobile Group (NAC) has announced that the centre will be responsible for part of the assembly of its new MG TF two-seater sports car.

NAC signed a 33-year lease in 2005 and moved the majority of MG Rover’s production to a plant in Nanjing Province, China.

The company has said that its ambition is to "revive, maintain and develop MG" and this will start with the creation of the new MG TF sports car.

Much of the process of assembling the model will take place in China but all right-hand drive versions of the car will be subject to final assembly at Longbridge.

The move will be a boost to the local employment market, as many of the workers who were made redundant went the plant first closed will have the opportunity to resume their work.

NAC intends to commence production of the model in spring 2007 and exact details about the new car will be released in the future.


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