Renault explains excellence plan

French vehicle manufacturer Renault has explained the aims of its "excellence plan", which was introduced last summer as part of an ongoing initiative to improve the brand’s quality.

Detailing the E4 part of the Renault Excellence Plan, the company said this included five objectives which are applied throughout the group to ensure quality on an international scale.

The first is to design robust vehicles, while second is the goal to manufacture completely compliant models throughout its range.

E4 also aims to increase Renault vehicles’ reliability in all types of use and maintain both sales and after-sales quality.

Finally, the company constantly strives to instil a "culture of quality" throughout its product line, which may be encouraging for people thinking of buying a Renault.

"Today, quality of service is one of the elements of competition; in the future, this will be the main element of competition," remarked Carlos Ghosn, chief executive officer and president of the group.

Vehicles currently manufactured in the firm’s range include the Kangoo and Clio.


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