Rear Renault Megane change may leave car looking characterless

With the "bulging posterior" of the old Renault Megane reduced in the latest model of the range, it has now been stated that the vehicle could be described as "characterless".

Matt Westcott states in the Northern Echo that a more "svelte design" befits the vehicle’s rear end, which is conservative and potentially alleviates any controversy from buyers and experts.

For his road test, Mr Westcott was given the 1.5-litre diesel engine, allowing 62 miles to be completed per gallon of fuel, while generating under 120g/km of CO2.

He added that the Renault Megane Hatch 1.5d Dynamique dCi "drives well", "appears to be built well" and is kitted out with a range of features.

However, his conclusion is that although the vehicle cannot be ridiculed and is a standard middle of the road car, it does not overly set the pulses racing.

According to Renault, the new Megane takes style, power and reliability to a place where it has never gone to before through its "expression of sophistication and confidence".


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