Renault Clio drivers could upgrade for more space

Renault Clio drivers looking for a supermini that also offers large amounts of space may find solace in the Sport Tourer version of the range.

A review of the Renault Clio Sport Tourer 1.5 dCi Dynamique by Fleet News reveals that the vehicle provides more than enough space on the inside.

Four adults can be accommodated comfortably, while the supermini estate offers 50 per cent more luggage space than a more common Clio hatchback.

The review adds that when the seats are up there is 439 litres of space, while this increases to 1,277 when they are dropped.

Also, according to the review, if it was not for a "steeply raked" rear window, then even more boot space would be on offer.

The overall verdict of the review is that the vehicle is a "valuable addition" to the Clio range, as the extra space on offer makes the car more practical for buyers.

Channel Four recently commented in a review of the vehicle that another of its benefits was that it had low running costs.


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