New vehicle launched for used Renault Clio fans

Used Renault Clio fans may be looking for a vehicle upgrade as a new model from the fleet is to be launched.

The new vehicle is based around similar qualities that helped the older Renault Clio scoop the 2006 Car of the Year award.

These include a large amount of space in the cabin, while being high on safety and comfort, as well as being reliable and well built.

Also, the vehicle features updates that used Renault Megane drivers may be familiar with.

The Renault Megane and Clio are bought together through the use of similar dynamic cues that support the strong design of the front of the vehicle.

Among these are new headlamps that run down to join the front air intake and a change to the design of the broad front grille in the new front bumper.

Sportier used car fans may take a liking to the interior thanks to the inclusion of "drilled aluminium pedal covers" and enhanced side support for the seating.

A review of a used Renault Clio last year by Jason Dawe in the Times stated that the vehicle’s 288-litre boot "offers plenty of room for luggage and children’s paraphernalia".


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