Henry previously advertised Clio now Renault turn to Cantona

Using professional footballers to front an advertising campaign is not a new idea and Renault is the latest to use the tactic as controversial former French footballer Eric Cantona will promote a new vehicle.

Renault has in the past used former Arsenal striker and current Barcelona star Thierry Henry to advertise the Renault Clio and now the manufacturer has looked for a Frenchman again.

This time it has approached ex-Manchester United striker Eric Cantona to front its new Laguna offering, with a teaser clip showing the striker in rehearsals currently doing the rounds.

Cantona is no stranger to appearing in advertisements as he has been used by sports brand Nike previously.

Henry promoted the Clio between 2002 and 2006 and became recognised for his use of the phrase “va va voom”.

Cantona scored the winning goal for Manchester United as they beat Liverpool 1-0 in the 1996 FA Cup final, as well as winning four Premier League titles in five years during his time at Old Trafford.


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