Hammond eyes up ‘used Renault Clio with a facelift’

Top Gear presenter and Mirror Motoring columnist Richard Hammond has run his critical eye over the new Renault Clio, commenting on the car’s new styling compared to its used Renault Clio predecessor.

Writing in the Mirror newspaper, Hammond said the car looked like it had been given a "facelift", with its front and rear re-styled to bring it in line with the appearances of the new-look Megane and Laguna models.

He also notes that the new Renault Clio will have built-in satnav for the first time.

The new Clio GT, which is also being unveiled at the Geneva motor show, is also put under the spotlight, and Hammond believes it will be ideal for those looking for something in between the regular Clio and the Clio Renaultsport.

While there has yet to be an announcement on prices, it is thought the GT will be available for around £14,000.

Hammond and fellow Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson were recently forced to make an emergency landing in Australia after a seagull got caught in the blades of the helicopter they were travelling in.


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