Lewis: ‘I’m a McLaren man for life’

Lewis Hamilton has pledged his future to McLaren and warned that he’s not interested in any other team.

Speaking to Italian newspaper Corriere dalla Sera, the new Formula One champion said: "I was born and grew up at McLaren. It is my home. Yes, I confirm I will never change team."

His claim that he grew up with McLaren is no overstatement. Team boss Ron Dennis has nurtured the Brit’s interest in the sport and talent from a young age.

"I have a lot of respect for Ron and what he has done for me," Hamilton commented of his close relationship with his mentor.

It is unusual for racing drivers to have just one team throughout their career.

Arguments about who the number one driver is in the team frequently result in changes of personnel – this happened at McLaren when Alonso, even though he was world champion at the time, became tired of playing second fiddle to Hamilton.

Big bucks can also lure drivers to rival teams with Ferrari being seen as the Chelsea of the Grand Prix teams concerning their ability to offer handsome pay offers.

Written by James Christie


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