Lewis Hamilton’s next goal: ‘more enjoyment’

Lewis Hamilton has made an early New Year’s resolution to enjoy Formula One life more.

The F1 champ revealed his ambition at the launch of a drinking and driving awareness campaign organised by McLaren team sponsor Johnnie Walker in London.

According to timesnow.tv, the Brit race ace also wants to "grow as a person and be a better person for my family and for my friends".

But his many Grand Prix rivals should be aware that these New Man sentiments don’t mean that he’s going to be taking his foot off the pedal to happily wave at overtaking cars.

"I want to win more races" is still the message that Hamilton sent his fans – perhaps in acknowledgment that last season’s runner-up Felipe Massa won more events than he did this year.

Website f1sa.com quoted the British sports personality of the year favourite as saying: "You know there was so much pressure on me this year that I didn’t go out, I didn’t socialise, I stayed in my hotel every night of the race weekends. So I want to enjoy it more because I deserve to."


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