Honda remain optimistic on Formula One

Jenson Button may still have a car for the upcoming Formula One season, after Honda said it was hopeful of putting a team together.

The company was set to pull out of Formula One altogether as money troubles beleaguered the team, but it remains optimistic it will have two cars on the starting grid for the first Grand Prix of the new season in Australia this March.

"Work on our race car is progressing well," insisted a spokeswoman for the firm.

"We’re optimistic but may not be able to say more for some time."

With Honda originally thought to be pulling out of Formula One altogether, it had left the Formula One season with only 18 cars on the grid and British driver Jenson Button potentially without a car to drive this year.

Last week, Honda sought to access some of the funding from the government’s £2.3 billion bailout of the automotive industry.

If the firm does manage to secure funding from the government, it would ensure the Japanese firm has a future in the sport for this season at least – but there remain no guarantees about the longer term.

Written by Paul Jarvis


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