Bernie: French Grand Prix in 2010 ‘unlikely’

Beleaguered boss of Formula One Bernie Ecclestone has said ‘non’ to the chances of there being a French Grand Prix in 2010.

Reports that Disneyland Paris would be the venue for the event now seem to be fantasy because of financial reasons, leading French paper L’Equipe to ask the 78-year-old tycoon whether France would have a place on the F1 calendar for the next two seasons.

Ecclestone, who is reported to have just become separated from his wife of 24 years, answered: "I think it is quite sure.

"We went to Magny Cours for the wrong reasons, for political reasons. Let’s try and avoid a repeat. What we want for sure is to find the right spot because the French grand prix has to be long lasting."

The country certainly has a long-lasting love affair with the sport – in 1906 it staged the first-ever Grand Prix.

Ecclestone clearly doesn’t want F1 to become estranged from France and has vowed to check out two possible alternate locations near Paris.

Written by James Christie


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