Peugeot to showcase new concept car

Alongside the launch of its new 308 model, Peugeot has announced it is to unveil a concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year.

The 308 RC Z has been described by the company as an "amazing test bed of ideas" by which it can trial new technology and systems with the potential for inclusion in future vehicles.

A 2+2 coupe, the 308 RC Z is powered by a 1.6-litre turbo-charged engine with a maximum of 218 bhp. According to Peugeot, it has "incredible responsiveness" and a completely manual six-speed gearbox.

On the exterior, sharp and sporty features give the car a "stylish" look, while foldable back seats in the interior give a host of options for work and play.

Although currently just a concept, images of the 308 RC Z could give car lovers a lot to look forward to in the coming months.


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