Peugeot espouses new 308

The new 308 from Peugeot is cheap to run and protects the environment, according to the French car manufacturer.

Car insurance prices, tax costs and the amount mechanics charge for servicing the vehicle are all areas taken into account by the firm.

Furthermore, Michelin Energy Saver tyres reduce CO2 emissions by one tonne, while the HDi 90 versions of the model produce 120 g per km.

Peugeot has also structured the vehicle in a way that enables it to absorb low speed impacts with the minimum of damage.

"On the Peugeot 308 the parts which before would require replacement or time consuming specialist repairs, can be changed very quickly as they are now bolted to the structure and not an integral part of it.," the firm commented.

Meanwhile, Peugeot was named one of the five top-selling brands in Europe during 2007, along with Volkswagen, Vauxhall/Opel, Ford and Renault.


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