Another saucy advert for used Peugeot 207 fans

Used Peugeot 207 drivers would have witnessed some saucy advertisements from the manufacturer over time and the latest in the sequence is no different.

The latest advertisement revolves around the new Peugeot 207 Verve, with a guy and a girl driving identical cars and serenading each other through the cars’ Bluetooth mobile phone connection.

One person the advert left an impression on was Ken Gibson, who then went on to write a review of the vehicle in the Sun.

He believes that despite the car portraying the look and feel of a sex machine in the advert, in fact it is "more cute than sexy".

However, he comments that it has a "sporty" edge through the inclusion of "a sharp set of alloy wheels, chrome front fog lights and subtle Verve badges".

Mr Gibson concludes by saying that "the Verve is the perfect example of just how much more sophisticated and roomy superminis have become in recent years".

Kim Basinger once featured in an advert for the manufacturer in a bid to enhance the appeal of the Peugeot 406.


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