Nissan unveils latest electric concept car

The latest electric concept car from Nissan will be on display at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.

Pivo 2 runs on advanced compact lithium-ion batteries and aims to capitalise on the cult status the original Pivo gained.

A new addition is the rotating driver’s cabin, which means that there is no need to reverse as motorists can simply switch sides and drive on.

The model also features the innovative Robotic Agent, which can converse in both Japanese and English, assisting where necessary on matters such as the nearest parking space and vehicle functions.

Nissan’s electric dream will be on display at the Nissan Ginza Gallery from October 13th for one day only.

According to CNET News, the firm will be looking to make more electric and hybrid vehicles available in the future.

But Minoru, Shinohara commented that he is less excited by ethanol and biodiesel, as it raises the issue of fuel availability in the future.


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