Nissan 4×4 quality to be enhanced by new track

Nissan has created a new test facility in Japan which is expected to enhance the quality of its 4×4 vehicles.

The "extreme" test track has been constructed in Motegi and covers an area of 2.3 hectares, making it among the largest in Japan.

A range of different driving conditions have been emulated on the route, meaning that Nissan’s 4×4 models, such as the X-Trail and the Safari, will be equipped to handle driving situations all over the world.

A rock section has been built to replicate mountain terrain, as well as a desert road and a slope at a 30-degree incline.

These hard conditions have been created to ensure that Nissan’s four-wheel drive vehicles are as reliable and robust as possible.

The findings of the tests will also be used to inform the development of new off-road technologies and improve the reliability and endurance of future Nissan 4x4s.

Nissan’s Motegi test track is one of a range of testing facilities owned by the automaker, with three others in Japan and one in Arizona.


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