All-new Nissan Murano launch now less than a fortnight away

The launch of the all-new Nissan Murano is now less than a fortnight away – put October 1st in your diary.

Nissan hopes that the Murano will continue to appeal to customers who "appreciate the fusion of the dynamic driving characteristics of a luxury saloon and the security, space and desirability of an SUV".

The car promises to be the second generation of a model that was key to establishing the entire crossover genre.

A kerb-side camera and an impressive stereo system are two of many great features sure to appeal to prospective car buyers.

The kerb camera is mounted within the passenger door mirror. At speeds up to 12 mph it displays images of the ground beside the car on the seven inch colour sat nav screen, displaying the proximity of walls, kerbs and otherwise obscured obstacles. It’s got night vision too.

Music lovers will appreciate a premium Bose audio system with ten-channel amp via 11 carefully positioned speakers, including a pair of Richbass woofers mounted in the spare wheel well.

Prices start at £32,795.

Written by Elaine Gilberto


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