Motorists given redundancy deal with Nissan Micra

Motorists considering whether to purchase a Nissan Micra may get the push that they need in the direction of the vehicle thanks to the introduction of some new buyer benefits.

Nissan has moved to reassure customers concerned about possibly losing their job in the coming months by introducing a ‘Just in Case’ package.

This package ensures that Nissan will cover the cost of any customer finance repayments on a Micra for a year if the customer is unfortunate enough to lose their job within the first 12 months of the financial agreement.

Meanwhile, Micra fans are also able to take advantage of a money-saving deal on entry-level petrol models and diesel offerings.

Those opting to buy the Nissan Micra 1.5 dCi 86 will benefit from being able to complete 61 miles per gallon of fuel, while seeing over £1,000 knocked off the asking price.

BBC television show Top Gear stated in its review of the Micra that it is "an excellent little car" and the materials used are "all impressively upmarket".


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