Mitsubishi Lancer could be ‘good choice of family car’

The Times has given a favourable review after test driving a used Mitsubishi Lancer.

A satisfied reviewer concluded that "is it likely to drive better than you expected and it could also cost you less than you thought".

The first generation of Lancer, introduced in 2005, cost under £10,000; a price which held up well when compared with rivals such as the Ford Focus which had price tags of £14,000 at the time.

If you aren’t prepared to splash out £15,000 on the new generation of Lancer (released early in 2007) then the Times recommends you consider buying a used Lancer for as little as £2,000.

Despite describing it as being "as functional as a dishwasher" the model won praise for "how well the cosmetics and the mechanicals have withstood time".

Over six million Lancers have been sold during its four years of existence. The previous generation Lancer is still available, together with the new Lancer in both saloon and wagon forms.

Written by Roxy Moran


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