Massive Mini convoy breaks world record

A procession of 269 Minis has made its way through Blackpool, breaking the Guinness world record for the largest ever convoy of the classic British cars.


Mini owners came from all over Britain to meet up in the northern town on March 28th and be part of the event, which covered a two-mile route and raised money for Comic Relief.

Their achievement breaks the previous record achieved by the Vancouver Mini Club in 2004, which brought 195 new and classic models of the car together.

James Rashid, Mini brand manager at the Derek Woodman dealership, said that the success of the attempt exceeded all expectations.

“We really wanted to do something for Comic Relief this year and the ‘longest Mini convoy ever’ seemed to fit the theme of ‘The Big One’,” Mr Rashid said.

“We never imagined it would become this big! Hearty congratulations to my team for pulling it off and thanks to all the Mini owners for making it happen.”

The cars involved in the attempt had to conform to a number of rules in order to achieve the record – they had to complete a minimum two-mile route in an unbroken line, never moving more than ten metres away from each other.


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  1. That first picture is from the London to Brighton Mini Run – not the blackpool record!

    This record was beaten by London & Surrey Mini Owners Club in the 17th May 2009 as part of the Londont to Brighton Mini Run – with a massive 1450 Minis!

  2. I wish somone would by me a mini for easter !! To much chocolate is no good for anyone, and i dont mean Cadburys Mini Eggs.

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