‘Trendy’ motorists will opt for a Mini Cooper

Motorists opting to purchase a Mini Cooper at the moment are showing that they are right up there in the style stakes, it has been stated.

Writing for the Sun, Phil Lanning claims that motorists will struggle to get "much trendier right now" than through buying a Mini, with the likes of X Factor guru Simon Cowell among the most recent owners.

Mr Lanning tackled the Mini Cooper S Cabrio for himself on a road test and immediately noted that the vehicle has "arguably the most distinctive cabin of any mainstream car".

He revealed that a satnav is placed inside the speedometer, while there are a host of toggle switches and gadgets on the dashboard.

Meanwhile, he highlighted that the engineers have also been busy at work under the bonnet and have come up with a car that is now more powerful.

The inclusion of a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine means that motorists can witness more rapid acceleration in the S model compared with the general Cooper.

Accelerating from still to 62 miles per hour in the standard Mini can be done in 9.8 seconds, but this is significantly improved to 7.4 seconds in the Cooper S.

Overall, he commented that the car "oozes character".

The vehicle also comes with standard safety equipment such as ABS brakes and Brake Assist technology.


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