The Mini Cooper Clubman is ‘funky’ on the inside

Motorists choosing to buy a Mini Cooper Clubman will be gaining a vehicle that has a "funky" look on the inside, according to one reviewer.

Writing for the Dumfries and Galloway Standard, Patrick James indicates that there are many strong elements to the Clubman’s interior.

He remarks that the vehicle is "deceptively spacious", as both the driver and passengers can travel in comfort with good amounts of both head and leg room.

Furthermore, he highlights that the Mini Cooper has "firm and supportive" seats, with the flick switches and other buttons giving the impressions of cars of old.

Mr James also states that those motorists who are unsure of whether BMW has succeeded in moving the Mini into the 21st century, only have to look at the sales figures.

He concludes that the "Mini has never been more popular", as buyers are realising that they are benefiting from a car that has charm and holds its value.

The Mini Cooper Clubman has a top speed of 125 miles per hour, while generating 132g/km of CO2.


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