Mini Cooper convertible is not just a woman’s car

Many male drivers may feel that the Mini Cooper Convertible is not for them, but the opinion of one driver has changed after taking it for a drive around a racing circuit.

Writing for the Telegraph, Stuart Birch reveals that the latest generation of Mini convertibles hold all the right credentials to win over all motorists.

Taking the Mini John Cooper Works for a spin around a test track in Germany, he discovered that the vehicle was more than the "dinky little number" that he had prejudged.

He comments that the vehicle was comfortable "flying downhill at a cool 85mph, through a sweeping right-hand bend and then up a short steep gradient to a 90-degree left-hander".

Furthermore, the latest convertibles offer buyers an increased boot space of five litres, while in all the car is 2.5 inches longer.

Overall, Mr Birch revealed that he was a fan of the performance of the Mini John Cooper Works, alongside its handling and the quality of its hood, which opens and closes in 15 seconds.

Channel Four highlighted in a review of the vehicle that it is "cheap to run", while providing drivers with "great performance and supreme handling".


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