Children look past used Mini Cooper for millionaire mother

Four children looked beyond a used Mini Cooper for a newer model as they thought their millionaire mother needed a new car.

Despite having won £1 million on the lottery, Maria Murray has been frugal with her winnings, spending only £170 in 11 weeks on herself, the Mirror reports.

However, she had treated her children to a lump sum gift and the foursome clubbed together to buy the Mini Cooper convertible.

Ms Murray told the publication: "I mentioned years ago that I love Minis and they remembered. But I wasn’t expecting this. I was in shock."

She added that she "felt like crying" when she stepped outside to see the vehicle fitted with a red bow and four love heart balloons.

To date, the 41-year-old has only spoilt herself through buying a pair of leather boots, a pair of trainers and a pair of designer reading glasses.

A recent review of the Mini Cooper Convertible S by Car Magazine stated that the vehicle offered "better rear visibility" as a result of changes to the way that the roof top was raised and lowered.


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