Mercedes C-Class receives green award

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class has become the first car in its segment to receive an environmental certificate.

Advances in various areas of the vehicle’s performance, including fuel consumption, exhaust emissions and material selection, were recognised with the award, which was given by the TUV Sud Management Service.

According to Mercedes, it is the only automotive brand to have an environmental certificate which meets ISO standards.

Since the S-Class was introduced in 2005, the new C-Class model is the second Mercedes car to have its development process reviewed and ratified by an independent group.

Professor Herbert Kohler, chief environmental officer of DaimlerChrysler, said: "The new C-Class is a further milestone on our way towards sustained mobility.

"The environmental certificate confirms our longstanding commitment to environmentally compatible product development."

Fuel savings of up to six per cent are reportedly achieved in the new C-Class, owing to the development of its four-cylinder engine, and emissions of nitrogen oxides are up to 90 per cent below current Euro IV limits.


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