New Mazda to launch in September

The first deliveries of the Mazda CX-7 sports crossover car have been scheduled for September and the model is aimed at creating a "niche within a niche" for customers, according to the manufacturer.

Although there are many sports utility vehicles (SUVs) currently on the market, Mazda said the CX-7 was designed to provide the benefits of such a car but with traditional sports model dynamics and styling.

Providing "ample" space for up to five people to travel in the vehicle, the CX-7 is ideal for people who regularly undertake a range of activities, the maker continued.

Interior features are set to include leather seats and air-conditioning, while rear-seat functionality could provide versatile and roomy storage options.

"British motorists are presented with a huge range of SUV-type vehicles to choose from so we need to offer something different and the CX-7 fits the bill," remarked Mazda UK marketing director Mark Cameron.

Mazda is headquartered in the Japanese region of Hiroshima.


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