Mazda sponsors London Triathlon

Car manufacturer Mazda has announced that it has become the title sponsor of the world’s biggest triathlon event.

The deal has been done in order to allow the firm to promote its new CX-7 model, which it describes as a "sporty design with sports utility comfort and practicality".

Reaching a top speed of 130 mph and with acceleration up to 62 mph achieved in eight seconds, the vehicle provides a fast enough experience for even the speediest athlete.

Marketing director for the company in the UK Mark Cameron commented that the vehicle embodies the brand’s "core values".

He said: "Mazda’s whole Zoom-Zoom philosophy is about the thrill of driving and the feeling you get driving one of our cars. It is an attitude to life and a mode-of-thinking – and the Mazda CX-7 and triathlon echo that."

Meanwhile, Mazda production over August went down 4.1 per cent, with 93,476 vehicles manufactured.


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