Mazda RE vehicles reach 40th anniversary

Mazda has celebrated the 40th anniversary of its first vehicle to run with a rotary engine (RE) – the Cosmo Sport.

The model was launched on May 30th 1967 and was the world’s first dual-rotor RE car, according to Mazda.

In the late-1950s, many automakers were researching RE technology, but Mazda claims to be the only one to persevere after all others conceded defeat to the technical difficulties posed by the rotary engine.

Its commitment paid off when the Cosmo Sport was launched in 1967 and followed by the Familia Rotary Coupe, Savanna and RX-7.

Mazda president and CEO Hisakazu Imaki said: "The rotary engine symbolises Mazda. It was born from the tireless efforts of our past leaders and a corporate culture which embraces tough challenges.

"Keeping this proud tradition going forward, we will continue our research and development of the rotary engine in accordance with the sustainable Zoom-Zoom plan that we announced in March 2007."

The Mazda RX-8, which was launched in April 2003, is powered by the new generation Renesis rotary engine, which is described as "more compact, powerful and environmentally-friendly than its predecessors".


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  1. I’m proud owner of a 1988 T2 (FC3S S4) and nothing beats the dedication Mazda has put into these engines, the way they prolong the life span of its parts such as the Mazda Engine Mount, rotor, cyclinder, etc… I can wait to see how the hydrogen rotary unfolds.