Engineers explain Mazda2’s weight loss

An updated version of the Mazda2 has weighed in at almost 100 kg lighter than the existing model – and the engineers behind it have explained how this was achieved.

While not compromising on handling and safety, the lighter Mazda2 was designed in an attempt to lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Some 60 per cent of the car’s weight loss was achieved by engineering solutions, such as an improved body shell, but other ways the team went about making it lighter included decreasing the length and height of the vehicle by 40 mm and 55 mm respectively.

In addition, the team also altered the material used for the door-mounted speaker magnets and getting rid of the underfloor catalyst in the 1.3-litre model.

Meanwhile, Mazda announced yesterday that its new sports crossover vehicle – the CX-7 – was scheduled for its first delivery in September.


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