Land Rover LRX termed “highly desirable”

A preview of the new Land Rover LRX has left motoring journalists almost breathless, according to one industry writer.

Irish journalists who gathered for the preview of the LRX in London, prior to its official launch at the Detroit Motor Show, were impressed by the new model, according to the Athlone Advertiser.

The article described the new vehicle as photogenic and suggests its good looks are a fabulous marrying of style and Land Rover’s traditional standards of capability and sustainability.

"As an entity the car effortlessly marries elements of James Bond with Star Wars, producing what surely is a harmonious, eye-pleasing vision of all of our motoring futures," the article continued.

It added that Land Rover said it was a "desirable, premium and more compact 4×4".

Meanwhile, Top Gear blogger Paul Horrell suggested that with the LRX, Land Rover had made attempts to tackle sustainability and environmental issues, such as using leather for the interior that was not treated with traditionally toxic tanning processes and using felt made from recycled plastic bottles.


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