‘Top residual values’ available with Kia cars

Kia has claimed that its "smart buying" customers are being rewarded in more ways than one, as they are benefiting from "some of the best residual values in the industry" as well as good purchase value, equipment levels and customer service.

The manufacturer’s Picanto model is currently thought to be performing better than ever, retaining 62 per cent of its value after three years.

Kia’s Rio is also holding value well, keeping 65 per cent of its original worth over 12 months, while the Sportage diesel is retaining 67 per cent residual value over two years.

However, the "star performer", according to the Korean automaker, is the Kia Sorento, which keeps 70 per cent of its value over three years.

Paul Philpott, managing director of Kia Motors UK, said: "It’s increasingly…obvious that Kia product isn’t just about being good value as an initial purchase, the product is also a key performer when it comes to selling on.

"Kia customers are benefiting from a growing brand and one which has been seen as reliable and good value for money. Now it is increasingly seen as a sought-after brand."

The Kia cee’d has recently been launched with a seven-year warranty, which the company states is the best offer currently available in Europe.


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