Kia unveils three-door hatchback

A three-door hatchback designed by Kia is set to be unveiled at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September – but the manufacturer has released a preview snap already.

Named the Pro-cee’d, it is said to be lighter, longer and lower than its five-door counterpart, while Kia Motors Europe senior vice president Jean-Charles Lievens also explained it would be a "great drive".

The car is set to enter production in November and hit showrooms in early 2008 – meaning those considering a new car have plenty of time to save up.

"Our new three-door cee’d is sure to delight existing Kia customers and attract a new group of European consumers who have not yet considered our brand," continued Mr Lievens.

He also said that it combines "real style" with "genuine practicality".

Kia is a South Korean company but also opened an assembly plant in North America last year.


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